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For scientific organizations and dissertation councils


Antiplagiat strives for improved quality of science and education

We help our clients comply with Russia’s Higher Attestation Commission requirement that all key documents are checked for text reuse. We guarantee high quality assessment and issue a detailed report on the number of plagiarized fragments in dissertations, scientific publications, reports on research and technological development, and other documents. We strive for improved science and education quality, and help our clients become leaders in their field



Thorough check

Detect text reuse in Russian, CIS and other languages using more than 1,095 million sources in special documents collections: books, magazines, articles, etc.

Detection of citations

The Antiplagiat.Expert system does not categorize correctly formatted in-text citations as text reuse

Two types of reports on document check

Only key information, or a detailed report preserving the layout and structure of a document (including fonts, tables, figures, etc.)

Automated classification

The Antiplagiat.Expert system automatically classifies the text according to the Higher Attestation Commission, the Code of State Categories for Scientific and Technical Information, and UDC (Universal Decimal Classification)

Simplicity and ease of use

All tasks completed in one or two clicks. API allows the tool to be integrated into any information system and automate workflows

Duplicate detection

Upload all of the checked and archived papers, reports, and articles to your organization's collection. No one will ever submit the same paper twice

Protection against cheating

The Antiplagiat.EDU can detect paragraph and sentence rearrangements, letter replacement, hidden characters, cross-language text reuse, and other attempts to cheat

Upload any documents

The following formats are supported: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt, html, pptx, odt, rar, zip, 7z and others

Antiplagiat helps to work

Members of thesis councils

Members of thesis councils

Check candidates' papers and receive a detailed report on text reuse. Create your own collection to expand search capabilities

Graduate students, doctoral candidates, and scientists

Graduate students, doctoral candidates, and scientists

Receive a thorough information on text reuse in a submitted document. Examine the check results in the detailed report

Administrators and IT staff

Administrators and IT staff

Manage system and user accounts. Expand the organization's internal collection to improve search capabilities

Start using the corporate tool in your organization

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