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Simple and effective service for plagiarism detection

We develop and apply the most advanced technologies for text reuse detection. Innovative methods of artificial intelligence reveal any type of text reuse and raise the quality of text fraud searching. We provide our clients with a tool of unprecedented efficiency.


Rising value of science and education

Quality improvement tool for academic and scientific papers

17 years of success work

Popular in the CIS - used in ministries, universities, research institutes, organizations

Constantly updating index

Over 1,100 million documents in 100+ languages

Innovation technologies

Detect AI-generated text, check Cross-language, check images

Antiplagiat-Kazakhstan benefits

  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use system settings
  • The system supports Kazakh, Russian, English
  • The collection is 1.2 billion documents in 100+ languages
  • 4 million documents in Kazakh
  • Quick and simple integration into university educational processes by API
  • Integration solutions: Moodle, Platonus
  • Integration with accounting systems: AD, Open LDAP, Google Workspace, etc.
  • 24/7 technical support
Interactive report on text reuse

Interactive report on text reuse

We produce a detailed report about text segments that require particular attention and the sources, which the text has been compared to. The report includes properly formatted quotes - fragments from laws and regulations, quotes that include authorship, common expressions, and a list of references. The expert may edit it and enable/disable search modules of the Antiplagiat-Kazakhstan system  

Efficient plagiarism detection tools

We use optical character recognition, machine learning and a special shingle algorithm as the core of the search engine, ensuring both excellent performance and high quality of the search. Our state-of-the-art machine learning techniques detect cross-language text reuse, paraphrases, AI-generated text and other instances of text reuse.

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