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For publishing houses, editorial staff, and media


Antiplagiat guarantees financial success and protects reputation

Editors and publishing houses need no longer concern themselves with the quality of received materials. The modern Antiplagiat.Expert tool can determine the actual author of a received text within couple of minutes. We protect authorship and help our customers stay far ahead of the competition



The Internet and external databases are used to detect text reuse

The Antiplagiat.Expert detects text reuse by checking the Internet and special document collections. There are more than 1,095 million sources: books, magazines, articles, etc.

Creation of your own collection

Eliminate the risk of re-publishing the same text

User-friendly interface

Become a system expert within 5-10 minutes. You can complete frequently repeated tasks with a couple of clicks

Report on plagiarism is ready in 10 seconds

A brief (only key information) or a detailed report (preserving the layout and formatting)

Text analysis

The tool Antiplagiat.Expert assesses text coherence and detects the presence of citations, annotations, and bibliographies

Protection against cheating

The Antiplagiat.EDU can detect paragraph and sentence rearrangements, letter replacement, hidden characters, cross-language text reuse, and other attempts to cheat

Upload any documents

The following formats are supported: doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt, html, pptx, odt, rar, zip, 7z and others

Antiplagiat helps to work

Publishing houses

Publishing houses

Verify authorship of a received text with a 100% certainty. Ensure that the submitted article does not violate someone else's copyright

Editors and media

Editors and media

Simplify quality control over work of your employees and freelance authors. No more book and journal piracy

Administrators and IT staff

Administrators and IT staff

Manage user accounts and monitor statistics. Expand your organization's internal collection to improve search capabilities

Start using the corporate tool in your organization

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