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For universities and educational institutions


Antiplagiat strives to improve education quality

We value our clients’ time and greatly facilitate quality control over papers written by undergraduate and graduate students, thereby simplifying the task of complying with main educational laws of foreign countries. We help our customers to improve their institution’s competitiveness and become the leaders in the educational area



High-quality database for text reuse detection

Detect text reuse in Russian, CIS and other languages using more than 1,095 million sources

No to text reuse within your organization!

All checked texts are indexed and added to your collection. Students will not be able to resubmit them or pass them to their peers thus cheating is impossible

Export your data into the organization's digital library (ODL)

Graduation theses and text reuse reports are uploaded and stored in the organization's digital library (ODL) according to the decree No. 636

Protection against cheating

The Antiplagiat.EDU can detect paragraph and sentence rearrangements, letter replacement, hidden characters, cross-language text reuse, and other attempts to cheat

Different report types on text reuse

A summary with key information, or a full report preserving the layout and structure of a document (including fonts, tables, figures, etc.)

Text reuse detection through the Ring of Universities’ collection

You can compare a submitted paper with texts in a special nonpublic database of Russian and CIS universities

Flexible settings

You can choose the optimal system settings and modules. Over 40 universities employ API to integrate the Antiplagiat.EDU system into their own IT environment

Most document types are supported

Including doc, docx, pdf, rtf, txt, html, pptx, odt, rar, zip, 7z and others

Антиплагиат поможет в работе



Optimize the educational process between teacher and student. Students can upload reports, term papers, and graduation theses into the system. All you need to do is open the report and assess the text quality



Expand the internal database of your organization by uploading past years papers, guidelines, dissertations and articles. Expand your search scope in order to check documents more thoroughly



Manage user accounts by integration with the Antiplagiat tool, G Suite and LDAP. Track system usage statistics for each department in your organization

Start using the corporate tool in your organization

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